Delegate the Utility Field Service Workers with Mobile Computing

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Inavista Solutions provides work free structure with the bulk of utility work happening in the field, empowering your field force with tools that improve accuracy and timeliness is essential to the bottom line. However, finding technology that meets the demands of an ultimate field domain while fulfilling operational requirements and supporting current IT systems can be a challenge.

INAVISTA has designed technology that your field workers want to use and your IT teams can easily support. Over the past years, we’ve helped utilities worldwide streamline save money and field operations by making existing back-office data available in the field enabling real-time data access and communication. Motion Rugged Tablet PCs and mobile technology offer top of the line promise and outstanding customer support. From reliable connectivity and integrated uses to carrying, power, docking, and input solutions, Motion has the tools your utility needs to complete demanding workflows easily and safely.

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  • Marine Computer
  • Rugged Mobile Computer
  • In-Vehicle Computer
  • In-Vehicle Monitor
  • Fan less BOX Computer
  • Industrial Panel PC