Inavista Solutions-web-development

Inavista Solutions can help you save costs immediately, while making refinements that make business work smarter.  With Inavista as your BPO partner, you can redirect your valuable resources more efficiently and strategically.  Turn to Inavista to help use your internal resources towards core competencies to differentiate and build your business competitiveness.

Our expertise services lies in providing offshore back office support services.  We follow a very well-structured methodology in carrying out the process to ensure high security quality and short turns around time.

We provide you with expertise the following:

  • Offshore Data Entry Process
  • Video Tagging & Classification
  • Data Reconciliation Services
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Email-based Support
  • Online Profile Approvals
  • Online Chat
  • Web Content Approval
  • Website Bug Reports
  • Web Content Development